Rules and Regulations  
The school year begins in June and ends in March.
Admission to the school is guided by certain Government regulations and by the conditions of age, ability and conduct.
At the time of admission, the student should be personally introduced by his her parent / guardian who will be responsible to the school authorities for his / her studies, conduct, regularity and discipline.
A candidate who comes to school has to produce an official birth certificate.
All students shall follow the recommendations by the school management in terms of prayer services and sessions on moral values.
All are expected to speak English in the school and in the school bus.
No pupil shall enter any class room other than his her own without permission. Pupils may change their places in the class room only with the permission of the class teacher.
Parents or Guardians will not be allowed to visit their children during school hours. In case of an emergency the Principal should be first contacted.
Every pupil will endeavour to keep up the high standard and morale of the school by excelling in studies, good manners and deportment.
The hand book issued to every student at the beginning of the year is to be kept intact and neat all through the year and brought to school everyday.
Reading materials like new papers, periodicals, comics etc. may not be brought to the School without the previous sanction of the Principal. Lost articles must be claimed from the school office within a month. It will be easier to trace the owners of lost articles like tiffin, geometry boxes, umbrellas, books etc. if each pupil has his her name and class inscribed on them.
All pupils shall make themselves acquainted with the rules and regulations notified for their conduct. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse.
Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed. When passing along the corridors during class hours, students shall maintain silence.
Pupils shall be responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings.
Any damage caused to the property of the school must be immediately reported to the Principal. The students responsible for the damage will have to bear the expense of repairing it.
Students shall maintain silence and decorum in classes. During the absence of a teacher, pupils shall not leave their class room or their places or make noise. The class leader will inform the Principal of the matter.


Any pupil who is found guilty of wrong deeds like the following will be dismissed from the school
Persistent impertinence, Malpractice in the exams, Acts of serious indiscipline etc.
For a serious of school regulation, a student may be temporarily suspended.
The decision of the Principal and Manager shall be final in these matters