Class Working Schedule 
School works for six days a week from Monday to Saturday. Each day is divided into two sessions - Morning session and Afternoon session.
School assembly is held before the regular class begins. Common assembly is held on Wednesdays. Attendance is taken five minutes after the sessions. Students who report late are not permitted to attend the class without a note from the Principal.
Availing leave for the following reasons has to be avoided:
Family marriages except of their blood relatives.
Family functions.
Unimportant neighbouring social functions.
Permission for early leave may be sanctioned by Princioal on the request of parents in time.
Following act of parents will disturb the working schedule of the classrooms:
Demanding week-end permission to leave the school.
Reporting late, beyond schedule.
Visiting the students during school hours.
Students will be promoted to the next higher standard based on the following criteria:
Grading Criteria
Grade Range of Marks Remarks
 A1  95% & above            Outstanding
 A2  90% to 94%            Excellent
 B1  85% to 89%            Very Good
 B2  80% to 84%            Good
 C1  70% to 70%            Fair
 C2  60% to 69%            Satisfactory
 D1  50% to 59%            Average
 D2  40% to 49%            Pass
 E  Below 40%            Fail
Examination & Evaluation
The School conducts regular achievement test. School follows continous and comprehensive evaluation in its spirits from Classes I to X
Midterm Test 
Three mid term tests are conducted during the academic year for XI,XII other than class tests
Terminal Examination
There are three terminal examinations in August, December and March for XI and two summative exams for I to X
The XII Std students write their annual exam in December and afterwards, a series revision tests and model exams are conducted by the school to train the students for the board exam. The hall ticket is issued to the students, only after clearing all the dues (if any) with the school. Two passport size photographs are to be submitted to the school by January second week for registration and the hall ticket. 
The progress report of each student is presented to the parents at the parents' counseling programmes and parents are briefed on their wards non academic areas also.
1) Time management, 2) Sense of responsibility, 3) Hard work, 4) Habits of cleanliness, 5) Study habits, 6) Spoken english / Art of conversation, 7) Dance / Drama / Music, S) Games, 9) Athletics, 10) Club activities, 11) Attitude towards: a) Rules of the campus, b) Staff, c) Friends, d) School properties
Parents / Guardians can write to the Principal their comments and feedback within seven days from the date of presenting progress report.
Mode of communication with your ward at school
All parents should realise that since the school is situated in a big campus it is not possible to call the students easily without providing sufficient time. It will only be permitted for urgent matters. When parents want to meet their wards in person, permission from the Principal should be obtained
School Administrative Working Hours 
The School office will be functioning from Monday to Friday: 8.45 am to 4.30 pm. 
Saturday: 9.00 am to 3.30 pm